Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England

The inaugural Ukrainian Christmas Market attracted over 1000 attendees this weekend

The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England (UCCN) brought together local Ukrainians and Americans supporting Ukraine for a Christmas Festival at the Lexington Historical Society last Sunday. The primary objective was to share the Christmas spirit and acquaint attendees with an important tradition in Ukrainian culture – Christmas, with a unique performance, Vertep. This marked […]

Channel 25: Local Ukrainians thinking of home during the holidays amid ongoing war

LEXINGTON, Mass. — Nearly two years ago, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. “Everybody was saying Russia will take Kyiv in three days,” said Anton Khlebas, a Ukrainian American and U.S. veteran. “Or in two weeks, Ukraine will fall. The Russians are just happy now we couldn’t kick their butts all the way out.” Khlebas still believes […]